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I know exactly what I’m going to spend my hard earned tax refund money on this year.  MAC Cosmetics released a ‘Wonder Woman’ themed spring line of make-up, and the packaging alone is a warrant to buy these.  With colours like ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Athena’s Kisses’, I have no doubt that these will be popular for not only girls, but comic collectors.  Besides, it’s time I get new make-up.  The make-up that I have, I’ve had since I was in 8th grade, and it’s that cheap ‘Wet N’ Wild’ stuff.  I’m not one to splurge for make-up.  Clothes? Yes.  Movies?  Obviously!  Shoes?  Duh!  But with make-up, I just never found the appeal to spend $50.00 on eye shadow.  MAC cosmetics though, has put together the best invention since the Android.

Tax returns watch out!  I know what I will be spending you on this year!

You can check out MAC’s Wonder Woman collection here: http://www.maccosmetics.com/whats_new/4782/index.tmpl

Hugs, kisses, and glitter,

– Brittany ❤


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